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355 Days : Pursuit of Freedom by Deeba Salim Irfan

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

  1. Book name – 355 Days : Pursuit of Freedom

  2. Author- Deeba Salim Irfan

  3. Publishers- LiFi Publications Pvt. Ltd. (2020)

  4. Price- 295 INR

  5. Available on: Amazon

About the Book:

A Murder. An Accused. Three Lives. What is the truth? 355 Days in the life of a British-Indian business tycoon, Aadesh Dixit; his wife, Maya and his lawyer, Nasha Singh. How will 355 Days impact their lives?

About the Author:

Deeba Salim Irfan is an author, an award winning poet and a brand expert based in Dubai. To know more about her, visit http://www.deebasalimirfan.com.

My take on the Book:

“He was in a Barrack, where even the bravest of the brave would shiver for a second. More than the interrogation, it is the torture at the hands of the inmates that had scared him the most. Tihar ka kanon (justice of Tihar), as it was widely known to the world outside, was unimaginable to the first-timer.”

This is where it all started to Adesh. That horrendous torture from the inmates, that mental and physical assault that he had to go through for a crime he was falsely accused. As the title hints ‘355 days- the pursuit of freedom’ is a book about the difficulties that the protagonist Adesh, goes through to get acquitted from the crime of murder. There are only a few books that I have read which put light on the real & sensitive topics of the society and this book is one among them. The struggles of the inmates in Tihar jail is beyond my imagination for its barbaric nature and this seriously made me think of those people who are put in jails for the crime they haven’t done.

The storyline is not a usual one and I applaud the author for the research she had to go through to narrate about the lives of inmates. The narration was crisp & engaging, and the well-articulated language had me hooked on to the book throughout the narration. My only problem with the book was its climax, and I was a little disappointed with the outcome. overall a great plot with intricately developed characters makes this book stand out in the lot. give it a try if you are looking for a unique story, and this can be finished in one sitting in this quarantine time!

Overall ratings: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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