• Sushma Ramesh

A Silent Takeover by Sarvananda Chandrashekaraiah

Book Name: Silent Takeover

Author: Sarvananda Chandrashekaraiah

Publishers: Notion Press India

Price: 300 INR (paperback), 105INR (Kindle)

Available on: Amazon

About the Book:

On his 50th birthday, arrogant playboy superstar Raaj Kumar gets into a verbal scuffle with the media gathered outside his house who question his inability to maintain romantic relationships. He decides to take a sabbatical and disappears off the grid to Chikkamagaluru.

Suhaasini, an intern at the tabloid Muthodlur Blitz is assigned a difficult task - to track down Raaj and get an exclusive interview. Her research into Raaj's life uncovers a strange pattern; ill-fate follows every official ex-girlfriend of Raaj - each one either becomes mentally unstable or dies under mysterious circumstances. Determined to solve this mystery, Suhaasini vows to unravel this sinister web, unearthing dark secrets and evil schemes along the way.

As she gets closer to the truth, the death of key players and an attack to silence her only drives Suhaasini to keep on digging. Will she succeed? Will the culprit be brought to justice? And what will be the cost of her persistence to expose the truth?

My take on the Book:

When I read the blurb of this book, I am not going to lie, but I was seriously intrigued by the plot and the story the book had to offer. Starting with the plot, I really liked the storyline that the author has picked up. It perfectly suited the genre of a suspense thriller and its uniqueness would hook us all readers until the end of the book. For a debutant author, he has really done a commendable job narrating the story in a way that the readers do not feel bored or left off the clip and it was engaging too. The picturesque beauty of Chikkamagaluru is narrated incredibly well, and I was drooling over the intricate detailing of the western Ghats narration.

However, I really felt that the first half of the book only focused on character building instead of proceeding with the plot, which in turn made both the second half and the climax a little rushed and hurried. The actual story starts only after 150 pages, and it was a little chaotic with a plot twist now and then at the later stage. I also felt that the book needed little more editing and polishing in terms of word choice and sentencing. Conversation between the characters needed little more refinement, and at times there was no connection between the paragraphs, which made it difficult to understand the context of the narration. Adding to this was too many grammatical mistakes which I couldn’t look away.

Overall, if the book was articulated better with thorough editing and proofreading, it has all the potential in becoming a masterpiece. I wasn't sure where the book was headed and who the real culprit is until the last few pages and that really says something good about the book. The ending was totally unexpected and uncalled for and even though it was a little hurried, thanks to the author for not making it a cliffhanger and giving a proper closure to all the characters. There were a couple of minor loopholes that can be easily looked away and I heartily congratulate the author for succeeding in writing a debut novel in one of the most difficult genres of literature.

My ratings: 🌟🌟🌟+1/2 for the author’s effort in successfully bringing up a thriller novel in his debut.