• Sushma Ramesh

An Affliction of Orchids by Ashwath Sezhian

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

  • Book Name: An Affliction of orchids

  • Author: Ashwath Sezhian

  • Publishers: Paper Towns

  • Price: 348 INR

  • Available one: Amazon

About the Book:

A Psychotic thriller with love at its core!

May be, Just May be, you can tell me who was the sick one.

The madman who murdered or the woman he did it for?

About the Author (taken from the novel):

Ashwath Sezhian is a medical intern who is extremely passionate about surgery and working for children, the amalgamation of which, gave him the titular character in his debut novel. He's no stranger to writing, for all one needs to do is follow his Instagram page 'brokenballads' and one would find soulful verses and one liners concerning life, inspiration, love and all things beautiful.

My take on the book:

The thing about a good Psychological thriller is that it messes up with the normal functioning of our brains, to the extent of confusing us about the truth and a delusion, and that is exactly what happened to me when I was reading ‘An Affliction of Orchids’.

I don't want to give away the spoiler of the book by talking about the storyline. Instead, I will tell why one should read the book without describing its actual plot.

1. Being a debut Indian writer, Author Ahswath has remarkable control over vocabulary and grip on the language and, not once did I feel that I was reading the narration from an Indian writer.

2. One of the best storylines I have ever read so far. I mean, it is so raw and surely messes up with our thoughts, with all the minute detailing in the plot, to an extent to make me doubt whether it is a real story or just a fictional world narration.

3. While we are at the narration, it is one of the most complicated narrations I have ever come across. No, I will not do the mistake of comparing it with other writers but as a debut author, Ashwath has surpassed the standards of writing with such complex characters.

4. That climax was totally unexpected! And as soon as I finished the novel, I had so many doubts that I had to ping Ashwath to know why it happened the way it happened.

5. It is totally worth it for the amount of time you spend on the book if you are a lover of psychological thrillers with some crazy medical terms in the narration.

6. Even though the characters are all flawed in their way, You will not expect them to be perfect, and in fact, at one point in time, I was very much sympathetic about the situation the leads were heading.

7. If you are ok with some brutal murder scenes and intricately woven detailing of the narration, you are in for a roller coaster ride!

I am sure there are already so many reviews about the book giving away the plot in a very detailed way. But it is only justifiable if you pick up the book without knowing anything about the storyline because you are in for a shocker at the beginning itself. Except for the hurried first chapter, and a confused narrative in the middle of the book, I did not find any flaws in the plot, and I would totally recommend this book to everyone looking for some seriously messed up psychological thriller.

Overall ratings: 🌟🌟🌟🌟1/2