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Book review- Kanpur Khoofiya pvt.ltd by Richa S Mukherjee

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

  1. Book Name: Kanpur Khoofiya pvt.ltd

  2. Author: Richa S Mukherjee

  3. Publishers: Harpercollins India ; Black Ink India

  4. Price : 250 INR

  5. Available on: Amazon and Flipkart

Blurb of the Book:

Meet Mr Prachand Tripathi, private investigator and owner of Kanpur Khoofiya Pvt Ltd. Accustomed to tracking down missing pets and cheating lovers, he is about to have his world change completely when a new case requires him to tail actress Shailaja Kapoor. What seems like a simple request turns into a dramatic dive into her murky past, wading through which is not going to be easy. Or safe. Soon Prachand and his wife, and partner against crime, Vidya, fall under the glare of the police as Shailaja Kapoor is abducted right before their eyes. Now he must put his skills to the test before they become victims at the end of a dark and dangerous game.

About the Author:

Richa S. Mukherjee is a celebrated blogger and writes for several online platforms. Her first novel, I Didn’t Expect to Be Expecting, was a humorous take on the rollercoaster ride of pregnancy. She now lives in Mumbai.

My Take on the Book:

This crime-fiction book was one quick-witted, humored and refreshing read! the plotline was gripping and engaging throughout the book and I applaud Prachand’s (the protagonist) attention to details and defensive tactics. Also, his co-ordination and chemistry with his wife Vidya was pure magic 🙂 It’s commendable on how the author wrote such simple yet witty narration. Another great thing here is the beautiful portrayal of Middle-class Indian people and their norms! also, how can I forget those punching UP dialogues! This book has every factor that will keep you hooked on to it. There were very few tiny little segments that I think were little dragging in the plot but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book as it was like a desi sherlock holmes novel to me! 😀 I recommend this novel to everyone.. and another great thing is that Endemol Shine India company ( global content creator, producer and distributor company ) has picked up the rights of this novel and I am so excited to see the movie or series adaption coming soon on our way!

Overall rating: * * * *

Would I recommend this Book?

100% Yessss!! you gotta read this simple yet witty humored novel!

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