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Book Review- Roses bent stem by Nomita Khanna

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

  1. Book Name: Roses bent Stem

  2. Author: Nomita khanna

  3. Publishers: Independently Published (29 September 2019)

  4. Price: 65 INR

  5. Available: Only on amazon as Kindle edition.

About the book:

A suspense thriller based on true events.

Tana, a diligent, young nurse with a troubled childhood, can’t believe her luck when she finds Vikram, a rich widower who says she is the ‘love of his life’. The strong attraction quickly turns into something else, unraveling her life. Nightmares that wrecked her childhood are back—and ripping her world apart. Evil has already claimed victims. Is it about to take another? As the four walls of her majestic Lutyens bungalow begin to close in on her, she spirals down into a dungeon. In this twisted world with betrayal at every step, she decides not to stay miserable and becomes the person she never thought she could be. The path to escape is swarming with grisly ambushes and … intrigue. No one really knows what happens behind closed doors or what goes inside a person’s mind. How far will someone go to protect their secrets or to get what they want? Farther than anyone can imagine. PEOPLE ARE UNKNOWABLE.

About the Author:

Award-winning and bestselling author Nomita Khanna has debated on stage to win trophies, conducted summer camps for children, splashed oil-paint on canvas, crocheted caps and mittens for toddlers, and written stories for Femina, a leading magazine in India; all in an endeavor to create things. She makes her home in India with her family, a sizeable collection of books and a growing number of unfinished puzzle boards. She is the author, most recently, of ‘Lucky Costasaurus and the Golden-Winged Vultures’ a book for children and young adults (12-21). The book has ranked #1 in Amazon bestsellers in the Myths, Legends, Sagas category in the Kindle Store. It has also won the Finalist Award in the Pre-Teen fiction category in the 13th Annual NIEA awards competition.

My take on the Book:

When I started to read this book, I was very much intrigued by its title. I think this is one such book I picked up before actually reading the blurb, only for its title. From the beginning till the end, I was completely hooked on to this book. The storyline is gripping and narration is spine chilling! Also not to forget, each of the chapters was uniquely titled which I absolutely loved. The book is written and edited really well and at first, I was not able to believe that it is written by an Indian Author. I Applaud to Nomita for this! Tana’s character building was top notch and her troubled childhood narrative was impressive and heart touching. Only thing was that I could predict the climax midway but it didn’t disappoint me. In fact, I was in a state of shock after finishing the book as I didn’t expect the book to be so good! It literally took me by complete surprise and I’m still trying to reflect on how the story unfolded. Also, many people won’t get the connotation of the title until the end and that is completely worth waiting for. Overall, its one of those captivating psychological thriller and I highly recommend this to everyone looking for books in such genres.

Overall ratings: * * * *

Will I recommend this book?

Yes! this is one such Psychological thriller that you don’t want to miss.

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