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Book review- Shikhandini: Warrior Princess of the Mahabharata by Ashwini Shenoy

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

  1. Book Name: Shikhandini: Warrior Princess of the Mahabharata

  2. Author: Ashwini Shenoy

  3. Publishers: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

  4. Price: 202 INR

  5. Available on: Amazon and Flipkart

About the Book:

Centuries have passed since the Great War of Kurukshetra, but her name is still uttered in hushed whispers – eunuch, hijra, neither man nor woman… But was this all there was to Shikhandini, Princess of Panchala? Was this her only identity? The firstborn of King Drupada, Shikhandini was trained to be a warrior from early childhood. She became a Rathi, and then an Athirathi, a warrior of unmatched valour and skill, who singlehandedly defeated the hundred Kaurava brothers in battle. All her life she strove to fulfil one goal – to slay the Maharathi of Hasthinapur, in a trans-generational act of vengeance. But was this her final destiny?At the Battle of Kurukshetra, when the Pandava brothers seem to have lost all hope and are facing defeat, it is Shikhandini who joins them and turns the battle in their favour.

If not for her, history would have been written differently. But what was the price she paid? How far did she go in order to prove herself and accomplish her goal? What did she sacrifice along the way? Was she just a pawn in the game between the Kurus? Or was she a true hero, conveniently forgotten because she was not born a man?In this retelling of epochal events, Shikhandini’s transformation from woman to man, based on ancient medical science, is what makes this story both riveting and real in its validity, human intensity, driven purpose and ultimate sacrifice. In this new dawn, when the third gender is finally gaining acceptance and identity, it is perhaps time Shikhandini’s story was retold in all its tragic glory.

About the Author:

ASHWINI SHENOY is an electronics engineer by profession and a writer by passion. She had her schooling in various parts of India, travelling to wherever her father’s transferable job took the family. She grew up fluent in Konkani, Kannada, Hindi and English, while having studied Sanskrit and Marathi as well. A fervent reader with an abiding interest in Indian mythology, historical fiction and stories with life lessons, she wrote her first story at the age of eight and has been writing ever since, experimenting across genres and drawing into the limelight some of the most underrated yet pivotal characters of Indian mythology and history, retelling their stories from a more logical and balanced modern perspective. Shikhandini is her first full length book. She is also a keen photographer and an avid painter in oils.

My take on the Book:

One of the best parts about the book for me was the picturesque beautiful narration from the beginning till the end which was very crisp and engaging. I always knew Shikhandini just as a transgender character that comes in the epic Mahabharatha tale but after reading the book I clearly understood how important was her role in the epic, especially on the battlefield. This book has so much to offer be it her sacrifices, her adamant spirit, her never-ending struggles and the way she fights back every odds that were thrown at her! and I can’t even imagine the amount of research and learnings the author has done to pen this book down. Overall, would highly recommend this book to all the mythology lovers for its storyline and for learning something from the Mahabharatha other than the Pandavas and Kauravas.

My ratings: 🌟🌟🌟 1/2

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