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Book review- The lost faith by Piyush Semwal

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

  1. Book name: The lost faith

  2. Author: Piyush Semwal

  3. Publishers: Kalamos Literary Services LLp

  4. Price: 199 INR

  5. Available on : Amazon

About the book:

Protagonists are not born or made; they rise when karma provokes them. Join the thrilling journey of two friends, who go on a documentary-making assignment to a remote destination, a temple in the wilderness. The trip goes chaotic when they get caught amidst a wolf menace. How will they survive the mayhem? As the story unfolds, they come to know the murky past of the region and also meet a mysterious vigilante. Do you want to know the dark past and the strange man? The destiny takes them to another exotic land; the land of a vicious demigod, known to control wild elephants. For saving the community from his evil clutches, they hatch a complex plan. Will they succeed?

About the Author:

Piyush Semwal is a serving Army Major. Born and brought up in Dehradun, he also did his schooling and engineering from the same State. He is an avid reader, writer, and traveler. As an author, The Lost Faith is his first work of fiction.

My take on the book:

The story starts with Ronit and his friend Arvind with their adventures journey of trekking to Dev Dwar temple in Rudra mountains for their documentary and what next happens is one true enthralling rollercoaster ride. The storyline is crisp and very much engaging. What makes it different from other such stories in this genre is that it has unique and indulging narration. I loved how it was a complete amalgamation of mythology, thriller and suspense. The Plot is beautifully narrated considering even the minutest details but I felt character building was slightly off as it was focused mainly on only 2 to 3 characters. Few of the chapters left me teary-eyed as there was a shocking revelation about animal poaching and forest exploitation. This is one of those fast-paced gripping novels that can be read in one sitting and I recommend this book for its unique story and narration. also, not to forget the fact that the title of the story clearly justifies the subject in the book and I appreciate the author for picking up a unique story in his first attempt!

Overall Rating: * * * *

Would I recommend this book?

Yes for its fast-paced gripping unique story.

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