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Book Review- The Unprodigal by Manu Dhawan

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Hi All, today I am posting my first Book review and am very excited!!! Please read on to know more about the Book and my thoughts on the same without giving away any spoilers 😉

  1. Book : The Unprodigal

  2. Author: Manu Dhawan

  3. Publishers: Rupa Publications

  4. Price: 295 Indian Rupees

  5. Available on: Amazon, Flipkart and offline bookstores.


From the heart of modern India comes a story of fathers and sons. Aryan, the genius, dashing and now-failed son of the country’s richest and most powerful scion, finds himself chugging into danger on a desert train to nowhere. It has been months since the only person he loved and cherished, his grandfather Aryaman, has died under mysterious circumstances, and Aryan has given his all to unearth the truth. Yet he seems to have fallen short, for the conspiracy he had gotten wind of is not only closer but bigger than what he had imagined. But in the darkest hour before dawn, in a hopeless place and amongst strangers, the truth awaits Aryan. He will have to make the longest journey of his life—both inside and out—for it. He will have to stitch together pieces of his early life—his struggles, loves, victories, regrets, faith and the values given to him by his grandfather—to fight against the mightiest. Will Aryan find the true courage for a final stand? Will the son become the father? Or will the truth make him…The Unprodigal.

My take on the book:

In a World where people remember their grandparents only when there is Grandparents day, this book takes you to your childhood and brings back the memory lane of the time we spent with our grandparents afresh. It very well showcases the relationship between a Grandparent and a Grandchild flawlessly. The narration of pain and struggle that the Protagonist(Aryan) goes through is surreal. what i liked most about this book is the story line and how the story is unfolded so beautifully. I really couldn’t believe that this is a debut novel of the Author. Kudos to Manu Dhawan! The characters are so real that you feel like you are also a part of Aryan’s journey of unwinding the truth behind his grandfather Aryaman’s mysterious death. Overall this book is one compelling, page turner that you can finish in one sitting.

My ratings: * * * *

Will I recommend this book?

A complete Yes! Also eagerly waiting for Manu’s next line of novels 🙂

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