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Book review- When life Cartwheels by Raj Supe

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Hi all, I back with yet another interesting book to review today. For a change, I picked up a spiritual romantic novel this time. Read on to know more about the book and my thoughts on the same.

  1. Book name: When life Cartwheels

  2. Author: Raj Supe

  3. Publishers: leadstart corp India

  4. Price: 349 INR

  5. Available on: Amazon and Flipkart

About the Book:

This modern-day love story, subtly juxtaposed on the life of the famous 12th century poet, Jayadeva, author of the luminous Gita Govinda, is born of the churning confluence of two polar opposites – a vivacious dancer and a scholarly Sannyasi. Shaman, a Harvard Professor, has found peace for his restless soul at his masters feet. An accomplished Yogi, his life resembles the river alaknanda, deep and serene, flowing unaffected past the craggy world around it.

Into his life comes shambhavi, a nayika, an irresistibly beautiful young artiste, like the rippling river mandakini, carrying everything in its exuberant flow. Can one ever know God without experiencing love? Can even an ascetic be free of the lures of samsara? Must each one inevitably yield to the demands of the flesh? Is it possible to prevent the unfolding of destiny? This engrossing prequel to when life turns Turtle, leaves a deep imprint on the reader as it delves into life’s mesmerising riddle.

About the author:

RAJ SUPE (aka Kinkar Vishwashreyananda), is a poet, storyteller and novelist. An MBA graduate, he has had a career in advertising, research and creative consulting, before turning to literary and spiritual pursuits. Some of his literary works include the prequel to this work, When Life Turns Turtle; the novella Big Bappa; the spiritual memoir, Pilgrim of the Sky; the anthology Hundreds of Shells; and translations such as Cloudburst of A Thousand Suns, and the Sahitya Akademi awarded Rainbow at Noon. Ruskin Bond applauded his fluent narrative and genuine search for truth in his last novel and hoped it will bring him many readers. He has also worked on film scripts and plays.

His writings convey the passionate intensity of a seeker and the sincerity of one who hopes for an ideal mix of traditional mythic imagery and the urgencies of modern life. In the words of a leading poet, ‘he has the anonymity of the saint-poet on the one hand and the self-expression of the modern writer on the other’. Raj is the Editor of the spirituality e-magazine, The Mother, as well as the co-founder of the Foundation for Contemplation of Nature. He was initiated into the Order founded by Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath and met his Guru in the person of Kinkar Vitthal Ramanuja. He now leads a simple life on the banks of the Ganges.

My take on the book:

The only thing I had in my mind after finishing this book was what an ‘eye-opener’ this book is! I’m truly astounded on the deep intricate knowledge the author has on spirituality, God’s creation and about this vast universe. Every phase of life is explained so simply yet effortlessly and I could connect to every character in the book. Also, the childlike innocent love between Shaman and Shambhavi is narrated beautifully like a magic spell. This book made me cry, laugh, contemplate about life, and how we can be appreciative of the little things in life. The book has so much to offer about love, life, spirituality, and I was hooked on it from the beginning till the end. I didn’t want the book to finish at all. I was in tears when the book ended and I am still in the thought process of this epiphany. The narrative beautifully described the importance of self-discovery to attain God’s blessings and indebtedness of gratitude. At the end of the book, one can truly understand the meaning of life and about the master Creator. This is a must-read for everyone and I’m so grateful that I got an opportunity to read and review this book. One of the best reads of 2019 for me!

Overall rating: * * * * 1/2

Will I recommend this book?

Yes! Give it a try if you love reading spiritual novels. It won’t bore you as it also has all the elements of a classic novel! 🙂

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