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Book review- why don’t elephants lay eggs by Livin Vincent

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

  1. Book name: Why don’t elephants lay eggs

  2. Author: Livin Vincent

  3. Publishers: apk publishers

  4. Price: 175 INR

  5. Available on: Amazon

About the book:

12-year-old Ian David suffers from retrograde amnesia. A terrible accident broke his mind and robbed him of his memories, when he was just nine. But he is not in search of his past identity anymore. Life wasn’t easy in the beginning, but it is back to normal now, thanks to his parents, David and Mary.

Like any other kid, he is enjoying his childhood – with his friends Rohan and Aryan, in an exemplary village in Kerala. It’s Christmas time, and Ian has a lot of plans in his mind. He has decided to patch up his differences with his neighbour-cum-classmate, Jasmine.

However, fate had decided to treat his plans with contempt and derision. One after another challenges popped up, and he has Rohan’s valour and Aryan’s extraordinary intellect to help him through. But things took a rough turn, when he was confronted with his village’s ghastly past.

About the Author:

Livin Vincent is an engineering graduate from NIT Calicut, who took up journalism, following his passion for storytelling. An avid follower of movies, cricket, economy and politics, he has published many well-received articles and videos on various news media websites. Apart from writing, he has a keen interest in video editing and film production. ‘Why don’t elephants lay eggs?’ is his debut novel.

My take on the book:

The plotline is simple and the narration is engaging. I felt like I was reading a storybook straight out of my childhood. The friendship between Ian, Aryan, Pradeep and Rohan was portrayed very well and I could connect to all of them throughout the book! Backbenchers and their notorious gimmicks in school days were very well narrated. Not just that, the town Nenmara was beautifully picturized and this can be a perfect read for those youngsters getting into the habit of reading books. Overall, this was a simple and bracing read for me.

My ratings: * * * *

Will I recommend this book?

Yes! I would recommend this book as a refreshing read from your normal mundane life.

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