• Sushma Ramesh

Hold me while I fix myself by Fathima Ashab- eARC Book Review

  • Book Name: Hold me while I fix myself

  • Author: Fathima Ashab

  • Publishers: Book leaf publishing

  • Price: 149 INR (Kindle eBook)

  • Available on: Amazon

About the Book:

There is pain and then there is hope. the promises in relationships, the sufferings and the heartbreaks are all a part of life but in the resilience and the courage to fight back lies the essence.

Sometimes, you don't need someone to fight for you but to be there with you and hold your hand while you fight your own battle. Because we humans thrive in touch, in bond and in connection with one another.

There is a lot of darkness in these poems but there is also a crack for light to get in. a phrase that's hidden beneath them all - "your feelings matter."

My take on the Book:

There are some books, through which we find solace in our lives and there are some other, which rips your heart, breaks you to pieces only to bound you back as a strong person, and then there comes Fathima’s book, which combines both these charm in her debut writing ‘Hold me while I fix myself’.

You know that feeling of petrichor after the first rain? that’s exactly how her poems made me feel at first. As and when it progressed, the intensity to which it cuts through our heart only deepens, and it legit felt like she had written the book for me, about me, to soothe my once broken heart and to repair it. Every poem is raw yet subtle at the same time, and Fathima is a blessed soul to have this magic in her hands to write the way she does. I have cried my eyes out after every poem. It just feels so good and yet the realization hits real hard. I have cried even more after finishing the book because I didn’t want it to end.

I never knew poetry can connect me to this profound level until I read Hold me. All things that were left unsaid in my life, bothering me constantly in my thoughts were beautifully put together in her book, and I can’t just talk enough about it. This being my first ever ARC copy is already very close to my heart, and I can’t wait to pre-order her book when it gets released. I have been following Fathima from the first day of my bookstagram journey, and I can already vouch for her writings, because of her amazingly written captions. Every human who has his/her heart broken in any way would love this book, and keep it close to their heart because that’s what it deserves. Because that’s what Fathima deserves.

It's not an exaggeration if I say that one day, I'm going to get print out of her poems, stick it near my bookshelf, stare at them every time I am near to it, and feel blessed for the life I have.

I would urge everybody to read this book at least once. Definitely a 5 star read and one of the favorites of 2020!

Overall Ratings: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟