• Sushma Ramesh

If Books could Talk- bookish tag on Instagram.

The other day when I was scrolling through my Instagram explore, I saw this post with the caption- [if books could talk]. It was one of the most relatable things I have seen as a reader, and it definitely made me have a good laugh!

That's when I thought, what my books would tell if they could speak, and here's a giant list of what I could come up with!

1. Honestly girl, we know you are moody! If not reading us, can you at least dust us regularly, please? We don't want to die so soon, young lady! ( I feel attacked here!)

2. Stop bending my spine to get an aesthetically pleasing prop out of me! I'm here for you to read! Not to decorate!

3. You buy one more book, and we are going on a hunger strike! This time we are very serious!

4. Can you please pick me at least this year? I'm lying on your shelf from when you were a teenager! Don't you have mercy on me?

5. You gotta finish what you started miss! What do you think of me, reading only half and forgetting me like I'm your ex?

6. Yaayyy! It's a day out with her! If not anything, I can at least go out and have fun! I'm tired of this 4 corner bookshelf! But where are we going in this Corona time? Can you please be *keep me* safe?

7. Stop squeezing us to make space for your newly bought books! We don't have any magical spell to shrink our size here!

8. Don't forget that we are your first love! Just because you have a Kindle now, doesn't mean you forget our existence! *Mumbling to themselves to come up with a solid strategy to make them look more appealing to me, and then enter- TBR Jar*

9. Aren't you tired of all that window shopping you do during the sale? Stop wasting your time like that and FINISH READING US INSTEAD!

10. What? you are adding one more book to your tbr pile? Do you have any idea how many books you already have in here? are you seriously planning to have saat janm ka Rishta with us?

Find anything that is relatable? What do you think your books will tell if they can talk?

Until next time, have a good one everyone! Stay safe!️❤️