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Love Unexpected by Ritu Kakar

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

  1. Book name: Love unexpected

  2. Author: Ritu kakar

  3. Price: 130INR

  4. Publishers: Srishti publishers

  5. Available on: Amazon

About the Book:

Kaira is an independent girl, chasing her ambitions. Aveer is a strong-minded and successful entrepreneur, seeking expansion. When they get together to give wings to her venture, there are fireworks and a strange Chemistry between them. But there is something else walking along – kaira’s past. With drew’s presence looming large like the devil, kaira does not know how to accept her emotions for Aveer. Her loved ones protect her from all harm fiercely, but will they succeed this time too? Amidst confusion of a promising future and the demons of the past, in trying to find faith and burying betrayal, and in the battle between kaira’s heart and her fears will love unexpected lead the way to happiness?.

About the Author:

Ritu Kakar has been an avid reader, brought up in Mumbai, married in Delhi. She loves reading all about romance, drama and emotional upheavals. The fireworks in her marriage keep her heart young, helping her creative juices for romantic tales constantly. Her teenage children keep her at pace with the world. She is surrounded with love, positivity and a supportive family, always encouraging her towards her dreams and passion of writing.

My take on the Book:

It’s a simple story that revolves around Kaira, who is a confident, self-sufficient girl, chasing her ambitions with an unforgettable past. The Plot line was clear and plain but what saddened me was the narration. I felt it was hurried and I was struggling to get connected to the story. From the title of the novel, I imagined it to be a unique story but to my dismay, even before the love story began, I knew how it would end! and what hit me most was how quickly Kaira fell in love with a guy she barely knew having had a severe heartbreak in her past. Moreover, I am seriously not a big fan of internet lingo used throughout the narration. having said that, if the narrative had few extra chapters in addition to proper chemistry development between the main leads, It could have been more enjoyable. Overall, it was an OK read to me!

Overall ratings: 🌟🌟🌟

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