• Sushma Ramesh

September Wrap-Up

Being my first ever bookstagram anniversary month, I thought September would be great both in terms of reading as well as posting more on my IG account. But somehow, life became unpredictable and I could not read much in this month. Here are the 5 books I read in the month of September and my thoughts on the same!

1. Hold me While I fix Myself | GoodReads

There are some books, through which we find solace in our lives and there are some other, which rips your heart, breaks you to pieces only to bound you back as a strong person, and then there comes Fathima’s book, which combines both these charm in her debut writing ‘Hold me while I fix myself’. Every poem in this book is raw yet subtle at the same time, and Fathima is a blessed soul to have this magic in her hands to write the way she does. Reading her book was like the feeling of petrichor after the first rain. Definitely One of the best books I read in 2020.

2. Midnight Sun | GoodReads

It's an understatement if I say that this book for me was pure bliss! Just hearing Edward's feelings and his perspectives of Twilight, have all of me fall in love with this guy. That constant juggling between leaving Bella for her good or being there with her, having this constant fear of killing her one day makes my heart break for him. I don’t even care if the next two books in the series turn out to be a disaster, but Midnight Sun will always be close to my heart and Edward Cullen is surely on the top, in my list of fav book boyfriends now! For others, this book was a hit of nostalgia and for me, it was the purest form of love that comes with all the vulnerabilities and the innocence.

3. The Unsolved case of an Indian woman | GoodReads

‘The unsolved case of an Indian woman’, is a psychological thriller story, that revolves around 3 leading characters Meenu, Sneha, and Ms. Tandel. Set up in the beautiful place of Daman, the story surely kept me hooked on to it from the beginning itself, and having just 113 pages, I was curious to know what exactly was in place for me. I must say that the author hasn’t disappointed me at all. There were numerous instances throughout the book, which made me feel 'what the hell just happened', and that says a lot about the writing style of the author, obviously in a good way. Recommending it to all the beginners looking for some short books on this genre.

4. A Woven life | GoodReads

This memoir is about a British woman entrepreneur called Jenny Housego, her life struggles in setting up her handloom business- ‘Kashmir Loom’ whose production center is based in the troubled state of Kashmir, and how she survives all the hardship life had to throw at her to stand where she is today. This book is everything Jenny went through in her life in bringing her love for handicrafts to reality, to make India’s handloom and craftsman skills world-famous, and to become one of the most prominent businesswomen India has ever seen. Regardless of being an English woman, Jenny has proved to be a true Indian, and everybody has something or the other to learn from her way of living life one day at a time.

5. Eclipse | GoodReads

By now, I am sure people would have already known that I am on a Twilight series marathon, and I have really been enjoying this series so far. Eclipse is the 3rd book in the series, and as usual, Edward and Bella are in trouble because of Newborn vampires and how they get through it without affecting their relationship is the main storyline. Compared to the 2nd one, I liked this one better for the obvious reasons of not having enough of Edward in that book, but I really wished there was more of Edward and Jacob's scene involved in Eclipse. Nonetheless, it was a good read overall.

I couldn't read any of the books selected for my #favbookstagrammersdecidemytbr challenge for the month of September, hence I decided to carry forward these books to my October TBR. I am really hoping to read these books at least in this month! Wish me luck!

Also, I am really excited for the upcoming Sales in both Amazon and Flipkart! let me know in the comments if you want to see me doing an unboxing of all the books I purchase in this sale?

Until next time, happy reading and stay safe everyone!