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Spoiler review: ‘ The Chronicle of Golgotha days’ by Sujith Balakrishnan

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

  1. Book: The Chronicles of the golgotha days

  2. Author: Sujith Balakrishnan

  3. Price: 199 INR

  4. Available on: Amazon and Flipkart

Spoiler Review:

What I liked the most is how the narrative was parallel with Abhaya talking about her tortures present and remembering her good old times that she spent with her family. The narration of ‘’the Chronicles’’ starts with Abhaya enthusiastically talking about her family. How her Father gets her things to eat every day, how her mom would call her elder sister every time instead of her, how her mommy prepares ‘mutton roast’ every Sunday nights, how she was beaten up for failing 7th-grade exams and this narrative instantly connects the reader to the story.

All the dreadful things start to happen to Abhaya when she tries to elope with a bus cleaner Babu with whom she was in love at the age of 16 years. She leaves her hostel room with her school bag that had some of her clothes, a 20gm gold chain, and some cash. She is convinced by Babu to meet him and they leave together to a place but Babu abandons Abhaya on the bus and escapes midway with all her cash and gold. Worriedly Abhaya then decides to travel onward to her uncle’s home. She first takes a bus, then an auto-rickshaw and a bus again where she notices a woman – Jaya following her throughout the Journey. Jaya offers to help Abhaya to reach her uncle’s home safely and she is then taken to meet Guru who Jaya introduces as Babu’s friend. He promises Abhaya that he would take her to meet Babu later in the morning and offers her to stay with his mom in a nearby lodge. Believing in his and Jaya’s words, Abhaya agrees to his offer and accompanies him to the lodge where she would be brutally raped later. All her agony, cries and tears here rips our heart and makes the reader cry. The story of Abhaya’s prolonged Golgotha days begins here.

The next morning, she would be then taken to Ernakulum in a bus before which Guru threatens Abhaya that he is a very influential lawyer and will hurt her parents and sister if she tries to escape or not listen to whatever he says or to do. Thereafter she would be taken to different places like Kumily, Kambam, Palghat, Vanimel, Aluva, Theni, Kanyakumari, Trivandrum and many other places where She would be brutally raped by many people who she is introduced through Guru. All the while getting raped by these monsters, she would cry out of pain, pleading to let her go, wondering the extent to which a 16-year-old can bear this physical and mental trauma. In the middle, she would try to escape once only to get failed and taken back by Guru to assault her even more. Many times she couldn’t even figure out whether she was dead yet or only half dead. The assaults would last for more than an hour and she would be deprived of food, water, and sleep. Not just this, she would also be physically abused and beaten to death until one day after 42 days of constant tormenting events they would just free Abhaya only to threaten her to get her back once she can endure all these tortures again.

personally, for me, this book was not an easy one to read because it has everything a girl can’t imagine happening to her! the story is something very different than what I usually read and it addresses a very sensitive topic. After every chapter, I had to put down the book, take time to absorb and digest what just happened, before moving on to the next chapter. Abhaya’s struggles, her unbearable pain break your heart to pieces. it hit me hard when one of the lines from the book said: ” I had committed the iniquity of being a girl, and I was being disciplined with the rod of men and the strokes of the sons of men”. I thought of DNFing the book many times because it was too much for me to handle the events that were happening inside the story. The narration was gripping and I was hooked on to it till the end. it was thrilling and heart breakingly painful. So many things were happening all at once and it starts to haunt your beliefs in humanity and society. It’s also troubling to know that this book is inspired by the true events of the suryanelli case of 1996. I urge you all to read this book at least once.

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