• Sushma Ramesh

THE DISAPPOINTING 5: When failures turn into heroes by Bobanga

  • Book Name - THE DISAPPOINTING 5: When failures turn into heroes

  • Author - Bobanga

  • Publishers - Bhim Singh Bobanga

  • Price- 181 INR

  • Available on - Amazon

About the Book:

Akash Malhotra is the poster child of a teenage rebel. He drinks alcohol, smokes cigarettes, and is an all-round anti-social. But he is not the only one with problems. His best friend, Dhruv Kapoor, thinks the answer to all his problems is bullying others, particularly the school’s smartest boy, Robin Alberto. His other best friend, Sunayna Mahapatra, who thinks she is too mature for things like teenage romance, is also up for a huge surprise. Akash also has another secret: his relationship with the school’s most popular girl, Bindya Shah. Akash thinks his life couldn’t get any crazier; until he comes face-to-face with a young homeless boy and uncovers the dangerous world of child trafficking. Oh, and he is pretty sure his mother is hiding a dark family secret... Will Akash and his friends survive the trials and tribulations of teenage life? or will they be consumed by them? One thing is for certain: they will not go down without a fight.

My take on the Book:

At one point in time, Every one of us would have faced difficulties or consequences in our lives that either builds or breaks our life. I firmly believe that life rarely gives us a second chance, and when it isn't used, to its full potential, even life would not be able to save us from the troubles we put ourselves in.

The disappointing 5 is one such book about teenage kids who come across obstacles at the peak of their adolescent life and whether or not they overcome it. The characters in the book- Akash, Dhruv, Robin, Sunayna, and Bindya, each of them having flaws in them become a support system to each other when needed, and I think that was the beauty of this book, that it stresses the importance of friendship in our lives. Not just that, the book also covers some of the crucial social subjects such as human trafficking, gay relationships, and teenage pregnancy to a great extent. Even though the book was a straight-up Bollywood movie script to me, I enjoyed how the author maintained the theme of the book throughout and also offered a thought-provoking climax at the end, without making it all seem like complicated mayhem. Above all was the mentioning of a trigger warning at the beginning of the book that I absolutely appreciated, and it also made an immense difference to my reading experience.

Although the setup of the school environment was unrealistic to me for an Indian School background, and how most of the characters were a very privileged bunch of kids having no restrictions in their life, I enjoyed reading this book for all the positive outcome it delivered, and I also appreciate the author for including the topics considered very sensitive in the society, without overpowering the actual essence of the storyline. Overall, this book was a very well-constructed novel, and I would recommend it to everybody, especially to all the teenage readers.

Overall ratings: 🌟🌟🌟🌟