• Sushma Ramesh

The Unsolved case of an Indian woman by Puneeth JH

  • Book Name: The Unsolved case of an Indian woman

  • Author: Puneeth JH

  • Publishers: Half baked beans publications

  • Price: 199 INR

  • Available on: Amazon

About the Book:

Meet Tandel, more precisely, Miss Tandel. A forty-year-old advocate, who fights corruption, solves crimes and stops women harassment.

"You are gonna die soon." She received a threatening note.

"There is no evidence, madam. I guess you are overthinking." The Police officer had said.

"You are hallucinating. You may be Paranoid." The doctor added.

Everyone thinks she was mad!

She was not.

Or was she?

To know the truth, read her story— “The Unsolved Case Of An Indian Woman”, and explore a riot of perspectives.

My take on the Book:

After having read all the heavy books this month, I was badly in need of a short read. That’s when I picked up ‘The unsolved case of an Indian woman’, which is a psychological thriller story, that revolves around 3 leading characters Meenu, Sneha, and Ms. Tandel. Set up in the beautiful place of Daman, the story surely kept me hooked on to it from the beginning itself, and having just 113 pages, I was curious to know what exactly was in place for me. I must say that the author hasn’t disappointed me at all.

Born as a girl child in a poverty sick family, Meenu hasn’t ever had a chance to get her parents' affection, especially her mother’s. Having lost both her parents, Sneha is suicidal every day in her life, because of the emotional trauma her sister is throwing her into. Ms.Tandel is a successful lawyer in the country, working for good and fighting against evil. Just when we think she has a perfect life, she gets murder threats from some unknown people and is secretly getting treated by a psychiatrist with whom she falls in love. What happens next is a thrilling journey in finding the truth behind those who are threatening to kill Tandel, and to know whether or not Meenu and Sneha gets a proper closure to all the problems in their life. Also, to learn about that one dreadful string connecting all the three leads, and their fates.

Honestly speaking, I wasn’t expecting that climax at all. There were numerous instances throughout the book, which made me feel 'what the hell just happened', and that says a lot about the writing style of the author, obviously in a good way. Having read several psychological thrillers, I am really impressed by the author's way of narration and the plotline is something definitely out of the blue. Only after completing the book was I able to connect the dots between the plotline and the title of the book, and that is something worth applauding.

Being a psychological thriller, the narrative has an open ending and the odds are that some may not like the climax. Having said that, I really wished the book was a little lengthier in terms of the narration between the characters as it seemed hurried to me. Overall, this book definitely has all the potential to become a work of art in this genre, and I would like to appreciate the author for putting in all the efforts in writing this book brilliantly.

Recommending this book to all the beginners looking for some short thrillers in the psychological genre.

Overall ratings: 🌟🌟🌟🌟