• Sushma Ramesh

When Varun Met Meera- eARC review

  • Book Name: When Varun met Meera

  • Author: Ashwath Sezhian

  • Expected publication Date: February 2021 (Kindle edition)

About the Book:

Meera walks along the shores of a beach in Goa. She finds a spot to seat herself and takes out a laptop that was last used decades ago.

On it, she reads what her fiancé Varun had once written for her.

With those words, she travels back in time. To a life she had left behind.

She revisits their story of young love, and all the heartache that came with it.

My take on the Book:

‘Like the waves, I will rise and fall for You. You are my moon Meera, now and always.’

What a beautiful book was ‘When Varun met Meera’. I am one of those few lucky people who got the chance to read the ARC of the book, and thanks to the author, for making me cry buckets. This is one of the stunning romantic books I have read in a very long time. Varun and Meera are inside every girl and boy who are in love, and I can’t deny the fact that both of them complete each other to form a gorgeous painting.

When Varun met Meera is a romantic novel, and as the title itself says, it’s the story about the protagonists Varun and Meera on how they meet to fall in love with each other. How they fight for their love and how in the end, life plays its game to destroy their lives. What makes this book different from other love stories is that this book leaves a profound impact on the nostalgic unconditional love of one's college life. Varun and Meera have these two adorable love bird characters in them, which makes the readers connect to them in an instance. I laughed with them when they shared a lovely moment, cried with them when they fought, and wondered how such a beautiful love story exists, only to face the shocking tragedy at the end. I know nobody is ready for the disaster to occur, and once it does, I am sure everybody is left heartbroken.

Except for some grammatical mistakes, I loved the splendid love story of Varun and Meera, and it’s a beautiful romance novel that one can read in a single sitting. Recommending this book to everyone, especially for all the beginners in the romance genre.

My ratings: 🌟🌟🌟.75