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Where Do You Go in the Dark, My Love by Isha Singh

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

  1. Book Name: Where Do You Go in the Dark, My Love

  2. Author: Isha Singh

  3. Publishers: HarperCollins India

  4. Price: 229INR

  5. Available on: Amazon

About the Book:

Your understanding of the occult is about to change. There are no vampires here, no werewolves. These are stories of life interrupted by forces unknown: energy flowing dark and silent from unspoken fears, repressed desires and small-town secrets. Here, in these eerily quiet worlds, are stories of horror that come from the most familiar of places, where nothing is ever as it seems.

About the Author:

Isha Singh is a research scholar, currently working on Trauma and Memory in Holocaust literature. She has previously done her Bachelors from Miranda House, University of Delhi.

My take on the Book:

Honestly speaking, the book was not scary at all. It has collection of short horror stories set up in hauntingly beautiful hill-stations, the sleepy lanes of Lucknow and breath-taking Rishikesh and these stories explore cities and the characters they coil around: whether it is a waiter disillusioned with the world around him, a school boy followed everywhere by a pig, a lawyer who wears a tiger claw at his neck for virility, or a young woman as much in love as she is in mortal danger. The book kicks up with a great start and I loved the writing style of the author but as I continued to read, I was able to predict how the stories would turn to a twist. Few of the stories were spine chilling and few were just average to me. Overall I would say great attempt by the author for writing this book and I would recommend it as one time read!

Overall Ratings: 🌟🌟🌟 1/2

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